Fabric Options

Breakmark's Fabrics Apparel Description
EnduraBounce Tops
The standard fabric for our jerseys & shorts. Light weight
and stretchy, perfect for working up a sweat.
Flash Weave Shorts Our alternate short material that is extra light weight and
quick drying.
Sentry Weave Bucket Hats A sturdy and structural fabric used for our bucket hats.
Feather Mesh Reversibles A mesh material with smaller holes making is lighter than
traditional pinnies while still being breathable. Our reversibles
are two layers of fabric sewn together.
Helio Lite Sun Hoodies
Light Warm Ups
Slightly heavier than the EnduraBounce and offers better
protection from the sun without being too hot.
Helio Plus Jackets
Heavy Warm Ups
Our heaviest weight material that is great for warmer layers.