Decoration Process

Full Sublimation
Full sublimation is a more in depth method that Breakmark offers to customize your team’s apparel and apply your team’s designs. Your designs are dyed directly into a fabric and can be as colorful and detailed as you like, and encompass the entire garment. Because your design is dyed directly into the material, the large, multicolored designs don’t weigh down your jersey and still breathe very well.

- Limitless color and detail
- We scale designs for you from the smallest size to the largest
- We place your names and numbers at no extra charge
- You can customize fonts & colors for names or numbers

Solid Sublimation
Solid Sublimation is a scaled down version of Full Sublimation. Your designs are smaller, but equally as vibrant and detailed and have endless amount of colors. Designs are applied to products that are pre-assembled and therefore can not encompass whole areas of a product. The max size for designs are 12"x16".

-You can customize fonts & colors for names or numbers
-The design must remain within the 12"x16" area and cannot be rotated to a landscape orientation as this will cause the design to run into the seams.
-You can incorporate names or numbers within the areas of your design