We offer an array of different printing options.  Below is a list of what we offer and a brief description of what the process involves.

Screen Print

Screen printing is one of the three main methods Breakmark uses to customize apparel for teams. Large stencils produced from your designs are placed over fabric and ink is pressed through the gaps. This process is primarily used for 1-2 color designs with a standard block font for the numbers. The max size for designs are 12".

Spot Sublimation

Spot Sublimation is a scaled down version of Full Sublimation. Your designs are smaller, but equally as vibrant and detailed and have endless amount of colors. Designs are applied to products that are pre-assembled and therefore can not encompass whole areas of a product. The max size for designs are 14".

  • There is no white ink for spot sublimation. We recommend white garments for best results
  • If you are using a colored jersey, any white in the design will show through as the jersey color, and the design colors will dye based on the garment color
  • You can customize fonts for names or #s
  • You can incorporate names or #s within the areas of your design

Full Sublimation

Sublimation is a more in depth method that Breakmark offers to customize your team’s apparel and apply your team’s designs. Your designs are dyed directly into a fabric and can be as colorful and detailed as you like, and encompass the entire garment. Because your design is dyed directly into the material, the large, multicolored designs don’t weigh down your jersey and still breathe very well. 

  • Limitless color and detail
  • We scale designs for you from the smallest size to the largest
  • We place your names and numbers at no extra charge
  • You can customize fonts for names or #s


This printing method is most common for our hats. A machine stitches your logo, name or number onto a garment. There are hundreds of thread colors that will allow you to achieve intricate detail and quality.

  • There is a one time set up fee for all new designs
  • Stock fonts for names and #s in either block or script font
  • The larger the design, the more thread that is used, and the more expensive it is
  • On hats, some designs can be made in to 3D logos. Email for more info.